Thank you for taking the time to review our site. Here at Alicee HK Tailor Shop, we pride ourselves on supplying you with the finest service and skills that custom tailoring has to offer.

Custom Tailoring means providing you, the customer, with a complex arrangement of high quality fabrics to choose from to create and design your clothing as a piece of art, individuality that are styled and bench made, not something that is able to be just simply purchased at a department store.

We work with each customer, male or female to create this art to compliment them the best, providing them with a feeling of difference, quality and more.

We specialize in Custom suites for men and women, designer clothing, shirts and trousers, alterations, re-cutting jeans, custom tuxedos for individuals or large parties business, formal ties or cummerbunds, ascots or braces (suspenders) custom wedding dresses and vials styled to the brides choice.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime to ask questions and have us assist you in becoming an "individual".